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Troubleshooting Distributed Cache Service SharePoint 2013

Before starting with troubleshooting steps check the following articles and prerequisites regarding this topic:

a. Plan for feeds and the Distributed Cache service in SharePoint Server 2013

o One of the most important things to remember – DO NOT use dynamic memory on the SharePoint 2013 servers


The Distributed Cache service can run on either a physical or virtual server. When using virtualization, do not use Dynamic Memory to manage shared memory resources among other virtual machines and the Distributed Cache servers. The memory allocation for virtualized Distributed Cache servers must be fixed.

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SharePoint with more than one SQL instance: possible or not possible

The first question that I have in mind before continuing this post is:

Q: Is it possible to have multiple instances for the same SharePoint farm?

A: Yes it is possible, we can have more than one SQL instance where we can store the content databases.

If you want to transfer a SharePoint content database from one instance to another you can use the following procedure:
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SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps 2013 – Edit in browser option

In the last few days I have made several tests with SPS2013 and Office Web Apps 2013.

For the deployment and configuration I have used the following two articles:

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