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Troubleshooting tips and tricks for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint and RBS Maintainer – connection string issues

Recently I have seen an issue with RBS Maintainer that was failing during the execution of the RBS garbage collection.


Every time when executing the following command it was failing without deleting the orphan BLOBs

C:Program Files\Microsoft SQL Remote Blob Storage 10.50\Maintainer\Microsoft.Data.SqlRemoteBlobs.Maintainer.exe” -ConnectionStringName RBSMaintainerConnection -Operation ConsistencyCheck GarbageCollection Maintenance -ConsistencyCheckForStores ForceFinalize -GarbageCollectionPhases rdo -ConsistencyCheckMode b

Errors in the SharePoint logs: User does not have permission to perform this action. You do not have permission to run the RECONFIGURE statement.

and a lot of Access Denied at the SQL level (even if the account was added with sysadmin rights)

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SharePoint 2010 and Kerberos configuration

Before starting Kerberos configuration with your SharePoint 2010 environment I recommend reviewing the following articles: Configure Kerberos Authentication for SharePoint 2010 Products Configuring Kerberos authentication: Core configuration (SharePoint Server 2010) How to configure Claim to Windows Token Services in SharePoint 2010 with Kerberos Authentication Claims to Windows Token Service (C2WTS)
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SharePoint with more than one SQL instance: possible or not possible

The first question that I have in mind before continuing this post is:

Q: Is it possible to have multiple instances for the same SharePoint farm?

A: Yes it is possible, we can have more than one SQL instance where we can store the content databases.

If you want to transfer a SharePoint content database from one instance to another you can use the following procedure:
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Developer Dashboard SharePoint 2010

The Developer Dashboard is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 that helps a developer or system administrator to troubleshoot problems with page components and performance bottlenecks.

In order to monitor usage and resource consumption, Developer Dashboard is using the following counters:

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SharePoint SQL Server Performance tuning

This article will provide tips and tricks regarding SQL performance improvement.

The SharePoint server health is directly connected with the SQL server health. If your SQL server is suffering because of poor performance the impact will be reflected in your SharePoint environment. User experience will be degraded more and more if you are not acting in time.

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