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Troubleshooting tips and tricks for SharePoint 2007

SBS2008 recreate the internal and external companyweb site

In order to recreate the SharePoint site (companyweb) that will be compatible with the SBS console follow the next steps:

  1. Using central administration delete the webapp(port 987) ,
  2. In IIS Manager delete the IIS site (SBS SharePoint) and the AppPool(SBS Sharepoint AppPool)
  3. Recreate the webapp on port 987 using the following parameters:
    1. Create a new IIS web site, and then, for the description, type SBS SharePoint (case sensitive!!).
    2. Port, type 987
    3. Host header, type sites.
    4. Path, type C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\webapp\InternalWebsite
    5. Authentication provider, click NTLM.
    6. Allow Anonymous, click No.
    7. Use SSL, click Yes.
    8. Create a new application pool, and then for the application pool name, type SBS Sharepoint AppPool (case sensitive!!!)

SharePoint with more than one SQL instance: possible or not possible

The first question that I have in mind before continuing this post is:

Q: Is it possible to have multiple instances for the same SharePoint farm?

A: Yes it is possible, we can have more than one SQL instance where we can store the content databases.

If you want to transfer a SharePoint content database from one instance to another you can use the following procedure:
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SharePoint SQL Server Performance tuning

This article will provide tips and tricks regarding SQL performance improvement.

The SharePoint server health is directly connected with the SQL server health. If your SQL server is suffering because of poor performance the impact will be reflected in your SharePoint environment. User experience will be degraded more and more if you are not acting in time.

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SharePoint 2007 People Picker performance issues

Every time when you want to grant permission for a user or group in a SharePoint application you will use this SharePoint people-picker interface.

clip_image002[4] clip_image004[4]

How does people-picker work?

When you type a keyword to find a user or a group, people-piker will first make a query on the content database and if there are no results, it will make the second LDAP query on the DC. More info in this article

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