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SharePoint Tempdb

After having analyzed this TechNet article regarding Physical storage recommendations (Office SharePoint Server) I have decided to create a post related to tempdb.

Here you have a list of actions that you can apply on tempdb

1. Check where temp db is located

SELECT name, physical_name AS CurrentLocation

FROM sys.master_files

WHERE database_id = DB_ID(N’tempdb’);

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Performance issues on SharePoint servers without Internet Connection

Recently I have observed this behavior on SharePoint servers without Internet connection
Randomly, you are experiencing performance issues when navigating to a SharePoint site


1. Download the following CAB from Microsoft website

a. Unzip the CAB on all the SharePoint Servers

b. Install STL file


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Troubleshooting Performance issues SharePoint 2010

The scope of this post is to help you to identify the root cause of a SharePoint performance issue.

We will implement collect performance counters, IIS logs and Failed Request Tracing from all the servers in the farm (SharePoint and SQL servers).

A. Performance Counters

Server type: Web Front End/Query

1. You need to allow Process ID value to be included as part of the process monitor data that is recorded. You can follow the steps from this article The Process object in Performance Monitor can display Process IDs (PIDs)

2. Counters list that need to be implemented and collected on all the WFE servers


ASP.NET v2.0.50727*

ASP.NET Apps v2.0.50727(*)*

.NET CLR Networking(*)*

.NET CLR Memory(*)*

.NET CLR Exception(*)*

.NET CLR Loading(*)*

.NET Data Provider for SqlServer(*)*






SharePoint Publishing Cache(*)*


Web Service(*)*

Web Service Cache*

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